Cranio through Radical self Empowerment

LIFE FORCE Masterclass

LIFE FORCE Masterclass is about opening yourself to your unlimited potential.

Cranio opens up your spinal cord, the diaphragms that keep your life force locked in certain places, and your skull, so that your brain can finally reach the maximal space it was allotted, reaching your life force and letting it walk freely through your body. 

Etienne's main focus is to start Cranio from a NoMind non-duality space. He offers easy ways to reach that special place where your mind and thinking are not interfering with what you're doing. 

When you don't think, your natural way of feeling and touching expands. Then as you learn to connect to the Cranio rhythms, you are able to do it in such a way that you can play with them, instead of letting them dominate your feeling.

Emphasizing the power of touch to stimulate the secretion of oxytocin, Etienne values clarity as a means to connect you with your true and infinite potential.
Each day participants will both give and receive practice sessions.

Give 8 Cranio Sessions

By the end of LIFE FORCE you will be empowered to offer eight full Cranio sessions to clients, friends and family. 

Give and receive Cranio

All throughout your eight days with Etienne you will both give and receive Cranio sessions with other students.

Awaken your Power

You have your own unique Genius, and in this class you can come in touch with this gift through the power of conscious touch.

Beginners Welcome

Cranio is for everyone. The beauty that comes from conscious touch is a natural ability everyone can tap into. 

What's included?

  • Full LIFEFORCE Masterclass is 8 days or each section is 4 days
  • 61 Video Lessons
  • 1 Audio Guide
  • Full Transcripts of all Lectures
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • 1 Live Q&A with Etienne Peirsman
  • 2 Comprehensive & Printable Color E-Booklets
  • 3-Month Peirsman Cranio Subscription
  • 10% Discount for Any In-Person Class

Cranio Basics Class

Lifetime access to step by step video trainings on the most important aspects of Cranio as a means to self transformation and meaningful connection with others.  Etienne will share secrets to enter NoMind with ease and the class will be a wonderful resource in your journey with Cranio. 

Live Q&A with Etienne

It will be natural to have questions as you go through Cranio Basics. You will be invited to a live Q&A session with Etienne, where questions can be submitted in advance. You will get the chance to connect with him personally and share about your experience with other online students.

Audio Guide

You will receive 1 guided audio file of a full cranio session and two color e-booklets with details on each hand placement, links to interesting resources on selected topics,  and other reference materials for optional further study.

Cranio Community

Peirsman Cranio membership will have exclusive videos, list of referrals, special materials and resources for you to connect with each other and build friendship with like minded individuals. We encourage people to form Cranio meetups and make Cranio social and fun!

First Ever
Online Class!

Let go of your secrets, empty your baggage, free up your energy

Etienne's First Ever Online Class!

Let go of your secrets, empty your baggage, free up your energy

Etienne's First Ever Online Class!

Let go of your secrets, empty your baggage, free up your energy

Etienne's First Ever Online Class!

Let go of your secrets, empty your baggage, free up your energy
“This is the start of our online program, accessible all over the world.
I will be there guiding everybody who wants to learn about this.
It is not just a program to become a practitioner. This program is for you.
To open up your whole being.
Self empowerment is a guarantee that comes out of my own experience
of teaching for more than 30 years. Humans touching humans consciously.
Just that connection is enough to remember who you are.
Play. Enjoy. That's the main thing with this class.
It is simple. So turn it also into a joy.
And you will notice the people that you touch,
you will really touch them,
and they will touch you.”
~ Etienne Peirsman

There are three options to take our classes.

Masterclasses are 9 days, 8 hours per day with 1 day off in between.
You are still able to register for half of one masterclass (4 days) at a time.​
Many students have no prior background in bodywork.
64 CEUs total
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Human touch stimulates oxytocin, the “love hormone” that gives you the sense of oneness and connection. Cranio functions through oxytocin to reach a place of NoMind. From there you let go of physical tension, unresolved emotions, excess baggage. Your brain can now reach the maximum space it needs, and with maximal space, it can reach its maximum potential You reawaken the genius within you. Clarity is a given and guaranteed. This is true self empowerment! Come join in on the fun.


Etienne Peirsman came to Cranio in a non-traditional fashion. After a a staph infection left him with nearly 20% kidney function, he found that preparing to die brought him the clarity of total silence. In a remarkable turn of events, he was able to heal his own body, was first introduced to Cranio, during an immersive meditation and bodywork training. 

Etienne describes Cranio as the closest thing to that wonderful silence he found during his near death experience, and from that time, 31 years ago, it became his life's passion.


NoMind is the starting point to connect with your Midline. Conscious touch is so easy. Once you start practicing it, it will take over. Total feeling takes over, flooding both your body and the person receiving Cranio with Oxytocin. The feeling of being one with nature, with animals, with trees, with stars, with the sun….that feeling for the body is a chemical. Hand placements are simple and the whole class is tailored to be an enjoyable experience that unlocks the door to reaching your unlimited human potential.

What Students Say About Etienne's Program

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Your Cranio school, your way of teaching is amazing because it's not the usual school imprinting, drilling people's heads with information. It's very fluid, it's very dynamic. [...] You gave me a lot of tools that are the basics of CranioSacral. The capability to be silent. The capability to stop and listen. The capability to feel. To heal in a certain way. 
- Guido Baldini | Tattoo Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator CST
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I think that Etienne's teachings are so invaluable and very, very rare. [...] Even though it was a course of Cranio, I got so much more than just Cranio. [...] I experienced a whole spiritual awakening in the classes. [...] What was very interesting after the course with Etienne is that I could use these messages and the experience and the tools that Etienne gave, not only on the table, on the massage table, where I'm doing sessions with clients. I could use them actually in my yoga classes, in my meditation classes and on one-on-one coaching that I do. 
- Kobi | Vagabond Temple
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Etienne just feels to me like I'm, just him being who he is, I'm so lucky to have found him as a teacher. That he's one of the true masters in this area, and that it's so extremely valuable to learn from him that I really need to be taking advantage of this opportunity. Definitely just in the areas of healing and spirituality encountered a lot of different teachers and his humor and his humbleness, his realness, his incredible knowledge and wisdom just really draws me in.
- Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done bodywork, can I take this class?

Absolutely! In fact, the less experience you have, the better. The course is very easy to follow. One of Etienne's talents is to bring humor and kindness into every subject. He values simple language and is interested in connecting with anyone that has a sincere desire to know and enjoy Cranio. Many Peirsman Cranio students are  yoga and meditation enthusiasts, or simply individuals with an interest in a deeper sense of connection and self betterment. This course is also for you if you are a reiki practitioner, acupuncturists, hypnotherapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, or other alternative medicine practitioner who is looking to fulfill education requirements and/or add something new to your practice.

Can I truly learn Cranio online
(don't I need to be there in person)?

Etienne's unique style of teaching Cranio goes beyond hand placements. The lecture parts of the class are an amazing resource to take online because you can reference them again and again as needed. For the section of the class that is about giving Cranio sessions, you will need a friend, partner, family member or client to practice on. We provide a sheet with the full sequence for each session that you can use as reference when starting off. Soon the sessions will feel natural and you will be able to sink into them with ease. Practice is the key to it all. And you will be able to connect with Etienne through a live Q&A session and by attending any in-person classes in the future. 

What is NoMind?

NoMind is a term Etienne uses to describe the space you enter when oxytocin floods your body and you are able to stop thinking. Similar to what your body does every night when you go into deep sleep, Cranio induces a place of stillness that is ideal for your body to experience renewal. Etienne values the space of NoMind as a way to connect to your Midline where true clarity and wisdom reside. 

How soon can I practice?

The class is designed to last 4 days. After these 4 days you will be able to give 2 full sessions immediately. If you plan to charge for your sessions, you can begin with a rate of $85-$125 per session. Please be aware that some states require a license to touch, in which case you need to be a licensed massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, etc. to charge for Cranio. This is a list of States that don't have this requirement:   Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho,  Illinois, Iowa, 
Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, 
Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, 
Wyoming. For other states check with your local offices. 

How is Peirsman Cranio different from other schools?

Etienne incorporates biomechanical and biodynamic methods into his own unique style of teaching Cranio, rooted in the Midline. His emphasis is allowing your mind to take a vacation so you can truly feel what the person's body needs in that specific moment. He veers away from complicated medical terminology and incorporates good humor and storytelling to deliver his knowledge about Cranio and our human potential. 

I've never done bodywork, can I take this class?

Absolutely! In fact, the less experience you have, the better.

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Practice Two Full Cranio Sessions

Enjoy Cranio with your partner, a family member or a client

Reclaim Your Genius

Once you connect with your Midline, you realize your full potential is there, intact.

Fulfill Prerequisites for Subsequent Classes

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