Thai Massage

Personalized to you, this massage combines stretching with deep-tissue pressure-point and reflexology work.

Allow the gentle, soothing, flowing motions to open, energize and balance 
your being. Wear light clothing for your tailor-made massage on our tatami mat

Massage is done at Oliveto Estate.

Hot Oil Massage

Relieve tired muscles and release built-up stress with this Thai based, hot almond oil
massage with anti-inflammatory and blood circulation benefits. 

Pressure can be according to your preferences from light to deep pressure.

Chi Nei Tsang

Internal Organ Qi Massage

Chi Nei Tsang is a powerful Chinese and highly effective abdominal detox massage that helps move stagnant energy and release emotional blockages.

By using a sequence of deep, soft and gentle pressure on the abdomen, rib and pelvic area, this specialised therapy opens the flow of energy and increases the blood and lymph circulation in the abdomen, promoting greater chi flow to the entire body, and resulting in improved mental clarity, immunity, digestive health and better sleep quality.

MyoFascial Massage

Rehabilitation technique for soft tissues and fascia tension. 'Fascia' is a connective tissue that protects and infuses muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.

Myofascial release can be used across large areas of the body, such as the back, hamstrings, 
legs and arms.

This technique is focused on applying gentle traction and stretching across the
direction of muscle fibers to relieve tension and restricted movement by increasing blood supply and restoring fluidity to the body.

Brazilian Lymph Drainage

This incredible whole body massage begins by stimulating the lymph nodes, starting from the pelvic area, groin, under the knees and ankles, armpits, collar bone, and most importantly, the thoracic ducts.

It uses soft but purposeful pressure, to encourage a healthy lymph flow 
through a series of strokes and patterns along the lymphatic pathway.

The lymphatic system 
plays a huge role in immunity and healing, yet the it doesn't have its own 'pump' the benefits to
lymphatic massage are endless and can help you lose inches, boost your immune system, and increase your overall health.

Miracle Facial

The highest concentration of lymph nodes are in your face and neck, which is why a facial drainage massage can really produce quick results in reducing any excess swollen areas and puffiness around the eyes, nose and jawline, whilst improving dryness, dullness, and even skin sensitivity.

This massage uses light pressure and gentle movements that range from tapping
and stroking to rubbing, pushing and gentle stretching to create lymphatic flow to encourage drainage,  making the skin look  firmer and glowing
All massages are held at Oliveto Estate either in Yoga Shala or the Olivo closed lounge, ground floor.
Massage after 7pm + $15 Surcharge.

he therapists at Oliveto Estate also have their own practices so once you book your massage they will contact you to choose a slot based on our class schedule and day off. Please note that once filled in, Oliveto may request to make some changes to the schedule if there are large gaps in timings.
You are welcomed you to arrive 5 minutes before your massage is due to start so you ensure to relax before you start. For late arrivals and if there are massages after yours, your massage will unfortunately have to stop on time to avoid being late for the next guest.

Each treatment includes 5-10 minutes of relaxation at the end of the session. For example, if your massage is 
60 minutes, it will include 50 minutes of massage and 10 mins of relaxation.
Please inform the therapist about the type of pressure, areas of focus, injuries, or areas to avoid before the treatment starts, as well as any allergies to oils in particular Almond oil.

Payments are non-refundable. If you need to move the time of your massage we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. 

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