Learn the Art of CranioSacral with the worlds leading Master
 Etienne Peirsman

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8 Full Courses

Over 480 videos

Cranio Basics 1

60 videos

Guided Sessions

24 challenges


9 Certificates

Cranio Basics 1

Enrich your practice with CranioSacral. Learn how to channel creativity and wellness into every aspect of your life.

 Peirsman Cranio Online Program allows chiropractors, massage therapists, and everyone in between to learn CranioSacral in only four days and become certified Peirsman Cranio practitioners in as little as 3 months.

Click to sign up for the Basics online course and save by joining as a pair or a group. 

Level 1 Radical Self Empowerment

Complete all of 8 classes to complete the schools program and become a certified CranioSacaral practitioner.

Attending the entire Level 1 during the span of  what is normally 3 months with Etienne is a profound and transformative experience. With this package, it includes the in person intensive.

Level 1 in 2023 will be hosted in the magical land of El Morro, New Mexico nestled between the Navajo and Zuni reservations in what is referred to as "the land of fire and ice"

Unwinding the Meridians  

This class explores deeper cranial rhythms and the neutral touch.

You will learn the unwinding process of the head, neck and extremities.

In this class we use the meridians to open the heart and release the lungs.

You will learn how to use energy to direct a healing flow, and find your ‘original voice’.

 Sphenoid & Intelligence Studies

When a child is born there are many pressures on the skull that hold the base of the brain and the platelets of the head into fixed positions.

The normal hardening of these bones locks the skull into a ‘baby position’. Without intervention this position stays with us for the rest of our lives. In this class we will be able to increase the flexibility of the cranial base and allow the brain to function within the maximum space available.

The creation of space for the brain will release a whole new avenue of intelligence that was unavailable before.

Courses taught by the worlds leading CranioSacral master

Peirsman Cranio provides an opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels to start practicing the basics of  CranioSacral in only four days. Through touch and presence, CranioSacral induces a state of profound relaxation where the body naturally repairs itself. It is a simple, gentle and powerful method that is easy to learn and makes a profound difference for both client and practitioner. Reach your full potential with Peirsman Cranio. Enjoy discounts with group enrollments.
I teach silence, total silence

Etienne Peirsman

Master CranioSacral Teacher

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Step up your game with this training!

This is for me a very valuable experience and I would recommend this training to other organizations.
Sara Willson
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Concise and practical content

I would recommend this training to other organizations. It is a valuable opportunity to grow as an employer and improve our workplace culture.
Andrew Jackson
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Simple to understand!

I learned a lot and now feel ready to implement these techniques into my organization. I would recommend it to other organizations. 
John Larson
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Very Professional!

It was an excellent training program, and I am very pleased. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and the content was relevant to our industry.
Jena Karlis
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